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Dawat-e-Quran Academy

 Dawat-e-Quran Online Academy offers purely education of quran courses not only in Islamabad and Rawalpindi but whole over the world.Online Quran Academy especially designed for kids and children although these online lectures have attracted people of all ages.Dawat e Quran is not only Quran Islamic teaching website but it is complete online school which offers complete Islamic study courses and lectures for kids and children.Quran teaching and Islamic teaching for children has been problem for people in distant area's but Dawat e Quran has solved this problem and they offer 24/7/365 Islamic courses and online Islamic teaching sessions for kids and people of all ages.

Office Address

   office location    Rehmanabad , 44000,Rawalpindi , Pakistan

  quran contact number   National Dialing   [+92-312-5163555]

   office contact number  International Dialing  [+134-747-41795]

   office email id

       dawat e quran facebook page quran academy instagram dawat e quran skype id quran academy whatsapp twitter

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